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Taking the proper care of your hat is very essential if you want your hat to last longer. How you handle your hat is the first step in making sure that your hat remains in good shape. Many people normally pinch the dents in the hat or even grab the hat by the edge of the brim when taking it off or when putting it on, this is wrong as it damages the felt over a long period of time it may lead to tearing. Also pinching the dents on the hat will lead to the hat reshaping.

If by any chance you wish to grab your hat by the dents, it is important that you get your hat reshaped and re-blocked due to over pinching. In addition to that, when you wish to grab your hat, it is important that you do so by the brim. Make sure to stay close to the crown to make sure you reduce the chances of distortion of the brim of the hat over a long period of time.

It is important you know how to store your hat if you want it last longer. It is important to remember that when you put your hat on a flat surface, it is important that you place it upside down on its crown and not on its brim. This is because when you leave your hat on its brim it will flatten out and therefore loses its original shape.

You can also store your hat by hanging it on a peg or on a hat rack. The important thing to remember when storing your hat using a hat rack or a peg is that you should make sure that the tip of the hat rack is wide enough to hold the hat without leaving a dimple in the hat. A simple way to do this is by using a tennis ball, by making a hole in a tennis ball and inserting your peg in the tennis ball will make the base wide enough to hold your hat perfectly.

Another way of storing your hat by using a hat box. Make sure that the hat box supports both the crown and the brim of the hat. Using a hat box reduces the reaction of gravity on your hat and ensures that the hat remains moisturized as it is far from direct sunlight. It is important that you use some lavender fragrances on your hat as this will keep off moths that will want to feed on your hat while you store it in a hat box.

Another factor to have in mind on taking care of your hat is how to clean your hat. If you want to remove some loss dust on your hat, You should use a slightly damp cloth and gently wipe off the loss dust on the hat. In addition to that, you can also use a horsehair brush to gently brush off the loose dirt. It is important to note that when brushing your hat you should do it in counter-clockwise motions as this will maintain the fabric and prolong your hats life. It’s also recommended to use a steamer for clothes.

It is important to remember that when your hat gets soaked because of a heavy downpour or after you wash your hat, always let your hat dry using natural heat. It is important that you don’t use artificial heat like a hair dryer to dry your hat as it will lead to your hat shrinking and losing its original shape.

If you employ the above ideas on how to maintain your hat, you will be a witness to how long your hat will last. Follow the above instructions and maintain your hat for longer.

Many are the times that we do not discuss a lot when choosing headphones. While some headphones are cheap and would cost less than $50 others are so expensive such that they cost more than $ 100. You may wonder whether it is worth it to spend a huge sum of money for headphones.Let’s take a look on the difference between cheap headphones and expensive ones. I am sure you wonder what is special about the lucrative high-end headphones. What is so special about them? Is it really worth to spend so much on them when there are other options and of course cheaper?

Here is the difference. one thing about the expensive headphones is their brand name. In most cases, we pay more for the styles and the brand name than we pay for the quality. A popular brand does not mean a good quality and therefore, there is need for you to test the headphones despite them being high end. Another aspect of the expensive headphones is that they are associated with a quality sound as compared to cheap headphones.

It is trues you may not want to spend a lot or you may wish to go for a cheaper headphone but for better quality sound, you have to spend more to get a good quality headphone in terms of sound. So, the higher the price the better the quality you will get. Cheap headphones are associated with poor sound quality and for this reason if you are not willing to pay more then be ready to put up with poor sound quality.

However not all cheap headphones have poor sound quality. The other difference is brought by the expectations of the buyer. When you look the expensive headphones, they are built in way that is fancy and attractive. There is some class attached to using a fancy headphone as compared to a normal cheap one.

Personally, I am a big fun of headphones and i have tried both expensive and cheap ones, I would tell you for free that, the more expensive headphones are more professional and of high sound quality. Conversely, cheap headphones are very easy to get but they very are prone to common problems such as short lifespan and sound breakdown.

High-end headphones are very comfortable and they fit so well; not so loose not too tight. It is very comfortable to put them on such that one can sleep on them as compared to cheap headphones which lack a cushion material and they hurt when you wear them for long.

The other thing with expensive headphones is that they produce clear sound and their bass does not sound hoarse like that of most cheap headphones. When you buy the expensive headphones, it is noticeable how well they just fit and how nice they produce a clear sound to our ears. However when it comes to budget it is not wise to spend too much on the headphones. Do your math right and go for what serves your needs as well as takes care of your financial needs.

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